Monday, August 23, 2010


Fact:  Having to get up in the night ten plus times (I lost count) makes you feel like you never slept. 

Between Hanky and the baby, last night was officially a disaster.  I should have known it would be when the melatonin I give Hanky nightly didn’t seem to have any effect when I put him to bed.  Bedtime used to be a nightmare and then I was introduced to a natural supplement called melatonin.  I used to have to literally restrain Hanky for hours in the dark in his bed before he would finally relax and go to sleep.  This whole brain-muscle disorder thing has way more far reaching effects than you might anticipate.  His muscles just would not relax and let him sleep.  So after years of misery and begging for anything that would help him sleep, someone finally suggested melatonin.  It has been a godsend.  After last night, Pants is telling me we need something more serious now…he might be right, it seems like it hasn’t been working as well for about a week now.  I hope not.

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